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Common problem & care for Wandering Jew!

Care for wandering jew from Diseases

As we alluded to earlier, the Wandering Jew is susceptible to affected by plant disease & you should care for your Wandering Jew. if it’s taking in an excessive amount of water. It might be taking in an excessive amount of water if you water an excessive amount of or cultivate it in soil with high water retention. Confirm that you simply only water it when the soil is dry, and make sure that the surplus water can drain through the pot or into your groundwater. For indoor plants, empty the saucer once the water drains to stop the soil from re-absorbing the water because it dries.

The Wandering Jew name comes from a historical character of Christian folklore from the 1300s. A Jewish man taunted Jesus on his way to Golgotha with the cross. Since then, the man has been cursed to walk the Earth until the second coming. The zebrina was named after this wanderer due to its long lifespan.

Care for wandering jew from Pests

Aphids and spider mites attack the Wandering Jew, but of the 2, the latter is that the most formidable obstacle to robust growth. We’ve said that you simply should grow the plant in warmer temperatures and under direct sunlight. What we’ve not said is that spider mites also love both of these conditions.

Wash your plant off with water to combat this pest. If that’s not enough, you ought to probably get a pesticide.

Landscaping Designs

Need care while falling Leaves

As with almost any ornamental plant grown as a houseplant, falling leaves are typically a function aged. Once you observe that the leaves of your Wandering Jew have begun to fall off much before they ought to, it means you’ve got been subjecting it to less water than is required. That rarely happens, though, because this plant may be a survivor. But with an excessive amount of negligence, anything is feasible.

Weak leggy growth

Weak growth is common during the winter months. It’s a symbol that the plant isn’t getting enough water, humidity, and/or light. Check the situation of your Wandering Jew plant to make sure it’s getting the proper amount of sunshine, and also confirm the plant is getting enough moisture. See the lighting, watering and humidity sections above for more details.

Leaves look dull and faded

Dull, faded leaves are often caused by an excessive amount of light, not enough light, or a houseplant pest like spider mites or aphids. See the sections on lighting and houseplant pests above to assist diagnose and fix the matter.

Need your attention when you see brown leaves

Brown leaves also are quite common on Wandering Jew plants, especially during the winter. Wandering Jew leaves turn brown when the plant isn’t getting enough moisture. See the watering and humidity sections above for more details. Also because of the plant age, it tends to start out to die call at the center. When this happens, it’s best to require cuttings and propagate them to refresh the plant. See the pruning section above for details.

How to care your Wandering Jew Plant with Flower

Wandering Jew Plant Care Instructions

Light Care

Yes Wandering Jew needs sunlight you kept outside but keep in mind, though, that this must be in direct sunlight. If the plant gets an excessive amount of sunlight, the leaves begin to scorch soon. This is often something you’ll get to be mindful of if you opt to cultivate the plant outdoors.

Temperature Care

Grow of wandering jew in temperatures between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The plant generally does better under warmer temperatures, but as long as you don’t go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, your plant should be fine. Below that, there’s an excellent chance of the leaves getting discolored or, worse yet, damaged.

Water Care

This plant does well if kept moist but not soggy. It should be watered weekly within the summer, less frequently within the winter.


The idea is to use soil that contains tons of organic interest to grow the Wandering Jew Plant. that does not so say it’ll not have best if you select to use a daily houseplant compost mix. It just grows better when it’s tons of organic interest draw from.


The plant doesn’t require much, if any, feeding. At most, use a water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half-strength, applied bimonthly. More aggressive feeding can cause the plant’s leaves to lose their variegation.


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